To All Youth Lacrosse players for the 2020 season,

HERE IS THE LINK - https://www.allusportswear.com/team-stores/scotch-plains-fanwood-youth-lacrosse.html

It’s that time of year to resolve your players uniform situation.  The Girls uniform was discontinued from last year, so all girls need to get fitted and order a uniform.  The boys will be using last years uniform.  The boys on the 4th grade team, any new players and any lost or outgrown uniforms need to be ordered.



Deadline to order uniforms is 1/25, no exceptions

Sample girls and boys uniforms are at Universal Lacrosse in Westfield, for trying on purposes.


Who needs to order a new uniform

Girls - Girls on the 3rd/4th, 5th/6th, and 7th/8th

Boys – 4th grade players, anyone that outgrew their uniform or lost their uniform.


What do you need to do

If you need a new uniform, you can go to Universal to try on for size.  Then click on the link in this email and order your uniform and number.  Because of the discontinuation of the girls uniform, there is no charge for Girls new uniforms.