Boys Lacrosse


Co-Ed "Soft Toss":
K thru 2nd-grade division for Girls and Boys designed to introduce the youngest players to the sport.  Helmets, gloves and arm pads are highly recommended.  The Youth Club will try and get used helmets for players, but once we run out of those than the equipment is the parents' responsibility.  The players are taught stick skills and the fundamentals of lacrosse.  The players are then playing a  3 on 3 short-sided games of Lacrosse with no goalies.  This division is strictly "in-house" with no travel. There is no limit to registration and we will take all kids that register.  The emphasis here is skill building, sportsmanship, and fun.


Boys Division:
- boys lacrosse has limited contact in the younger levels and full contact at the older levels.
- required equipment, provided by the player: boy-style stick, helmet, gloves, arm guards, shoulder pads, protective cup, cleats.  Uniforms are purchased through the club.
- boys teams are organized strictly by grade level except for the 2nd/3rd-grade team which is combined. We field 2/3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8th-grade teams.
- boys teams compete in the NJJYLL league and will play both home and away games.
- the season is March through June with at least 2 practices per week and 15 games, plus tournament/s.
- especially in the older grade levels, playing time may be managed for competitiveness.